Mar 29

Talkings From Wernher von Braun

During the Moon landing in 1969, Nasa received a television signal from what I was told about 20 seconds in length. It was a blackened image with some alien language apparently of an alien. When Nasa translated the audio they said it was a warning for them to stay off of the Moon and not to attempt space travel.

Also most of that info came from Werner Von Braun’s son. He spoke very freely about Nasa and UFOs, and he seemed to have been passed along a lot of info from his father as well. Though he may be under some government secrecy agreement or he may still be working for the government.

In late 1973, NASA would finally loosen their lips a bit, as they confirmed that 25 astronauts had seen UFOs during lunar missions. Werner Von Braun, famous German rocket scientist, and head of the lunar exploration program, told Esotera magazine, that:

Extraterrestrial powers do exist, and they are more powerful than previously thought. I’m not authorized to give you any more details on the issue.

— Werner Von Braun

There is no doubt in my mind that Wernher von Braun knew about the extraterrestrial issue. He explained to me the reasons why weapons were going to be put into space, the enemies against whom we were going to build these weapons, and that all of that was a lie.

— Dr. Carol Rosin

The first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for Wernher von Braun in the last years of his life.

Dr. von Braun explained how he and his (unnamed, for now) associates had been taken to the crash site after most of the military were pulled back. They did a quick analysis of what they found. He told me the craft did not appear to be made of metal as we know metal on earth. He said it seemed to be created from something biological, like skin. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than thinking perhaps the craft was “alive.” The recovered bodies were temporarily being kept in a nearby medical tent. They were small, very frail and had large heads. Their eyes were large. Their skin was grayish and reptilian in texture. He said it looked similar to the skin texture of rattle snakes he’d seen several times at White Sands. His inspection of the debris had even him puzzled: very thin, aluminum colored, like silvery chewing gum wrappers. Very light and extremely strong. The interior of the craft was nearly bare of equipment, as if the creatures and craft were part of a single unit.

— Clark C. McClelland

I asked him, Dr. von Braun, is it true that a Juno II we launched from here had other unknown craft accompany it back into the earth’s atmosphere?

He looked at me with a bit of surprise, and said, Young man, yes we had such an encounter with a power that appears advanced beyond ours here. Stronger than we have assumed and unknown to us where their base is located. I cannot say much more other than we are entering into a closer contact with these unknown powers and perhaps within a short time, a few months or so of time, we will be capable of saying more.

— Clark C. McClelland


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