Oct 19

Baalbek Ancient Alien Sanctuary

The Baalbek site is an excellent example of what one could call ‘recycled’ megalithic monuments. Mainstream archeology normally does not acknowledge that megalithic sites are much older then their latest indwellers, but it seems that many sites are in fact much older then the cultures that more recently inhabited them.

Even a precursory review of the evidence presented in part below, is enough to dispute theories claiming many of these sites were built using primitive bonze age and iron age tools.

What seems much more likely, is that the Baalbek site along with many other locations, is the remnant of much older and advanced civilizations. Modern construction can’t even lift the stone at Baalbek let alone position it into place with such a high degree of precession. Yet the public is expected to believe that ‘primitive’ humans built temples using simple tools.

Clearly there is much more to our history then is being revealed in public. Once enough personal research has been done to recognize this, the statements of whistleblowers related to the secret space program start to become much more plausible. That our world has an incredibly long and complex history, with dozens of advanced societies leaving their mark.

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