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Jan 28

UFO Hovering Above The Moon

Government cover-ups of UFOs and aliens have been around for quite some time, but the latest one can be mind-blowing. The footage from NASA showing the 1969 Apollo 12 mission has recently brought some controversies among UFO enthusiasts. Some UFO researchers think the video and images show a UFO hovering over the moon. Others believe …

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Aug 06

Triangle over Arroyo grande, California

March 24, 2016: New footage of a triangular-shaped craft in the sky above Arroyo Grande, California.  from UFOs Daily http://ift.tt/1RpwsUC via IFTTT

Jul 26

Police officer Claims Being ‘ABDUCTED by Aliens after They Stalked Him

Abductions are chains of procedures and events directed by the abductors to control or passive abductees. In UFO abduction, humans are eradicated of their usual environment by the aliens. They are taken aboard; their clothes are removed to lie on a table. A series of mental, physical, and productive procedures are administered. A former PC …

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Jul 07

TR-3B over Sumter, South Carolina

New night vision video of triangle-shaped craft in the sky above Sumter, SC. This happened on 23rd March 2016. from UFOs Daily http://ift.tt/1UbN206 via IFTTT

Jun 16

One of the Most Witnessed UFO Events Ever

  The UFO sighting in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 6, 1966, remains one of the greatest, and one of the most observed strange incidents ever recorded in history. It was then around 11 p.m. at then Westall High School, which eventually changed to Westall Secondary College. Around 200 witnesses, ranging from regular students to …

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Apr 04

Witness from Costa Rica Spotted Mysterious Disc over Volcano

Not all things in life we see are identifiable, which is why Unidentified Flying Objects have been coined. It does not necessarily relate to the aliens or extraterrestrial beings, but all the objects are hovering that are not ordinary to the naked eye. A Costa Rica witness has recently reported seeing and recording a bizarre …

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Mar 30

UFO in the sky above Massachusetts

Here’s one really interesting video of a craft in the sky above Massachusetts. This was filmed yesterday.     from UFOs Daily http://ift.tt/1MAF2TL via IFTTT

Mar 23

Bright UFO over Hannover, Germany

Here’s one new sighting video from Hannover, Germany, that was just submitted to us. It was filmed on 21st March 2016. from UFOs Daily http://ift.tt/1UBXLkm via IFTTT

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