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Feb 12

Russia Plans to Reach Mars in 45 Days Using Spaceships Powered by Nukes

Space exploration may hit a new milestone in the near future as Russian scientists intend to develop a power-rocket using nuclear reaction. Among other benefits, this would seemingly solve the problem of a one-way-trip to the Red Planet, as fuel will be enough for a returning voyage. The currently existing plans of NASA sending people …

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Dec 27

Television News Catch Formidable Glimpse of Yet Another Floating City Over China

Another floating city appeared over China, but this time it’s not over the clouds how you would have expected. This bizarre phenomenon was seen over the sea at Port of Dalian, China, and contrary to the previous sightings, the city appears to be hovering over the sea instead of the clouds. The incredible view has …

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Dec 26

Super Massive Black Holes May be Inhabited by Super-Advanced Aliens

A massive black hole doesn’t look suitable for humans, but there are researchers who suspect that life in such extreme circumstances could be a reality for the super-advanced species of aliens, those who are way up on the Kardashev scale of comparison. “Interiors of super massive black holes may be inhabited by advanced civilizations living …

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Dec 08

Scientists Find that Our DNA is “Less Human” than Previously Anticipated

Do you think your DNA is entirely human? Because if you do, you might need to reconsider, since a group of scientists have recently discovered that our DNA is less human than previously anticipated. Here are the amazing facts: Nineteen new pieces of “alien” DNA have just been discovered hiding out between our own genes. …

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Nov 26

Earth May Soon Have a Laser Defense System to Cloak it From Hostile Alien Species

There’s an ever-growing chance of an actual alien invasion taking place in the near future, that’s why scientists are now working on a defense mechanism based on lasers that would cloak our planet’s activity from any unwanted visitors. A considerable portion of energy emanating from the human race is directed towards the discovery of alien life. …

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Nov 11

Humans Come From Another Place in the Universe, Experts Determine

The idea of humanity evolving elsewhere in the universe and migrating to Earth and different corners of the galaxy in spaceships may be a reality after all. Are we the aliens on this planet? If so, where do we really come from? Dr. Ellis Silver, a leading ecologist and environmentalist has gathered certain evidence pointing towards the …

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Oct 18

Humans May Go Extinct in the Near Future, Experts Determine

A recent study has revealed that carbon emissions reached a new historic level, with the same measurements being recorded some 66 million years ago, when numerous dinosaur species went extinct from the surface of the Earth. Carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, although at a slower pace than the previous years. Analysts have been digging …

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Oct 08

Researchers Might Have Found the Sunken City of Atlantis, But Nobody is Talking About It Anymore

In 2001, a team of explorers who were participating in a survey mission off the western coast of Cuba detected a curious set of stones on their sonar equipment. The bizarre structures were covered under 650 meters of water and they strongly resembled an ancient metropolis. The media soon take over, announcing a possible discovery …

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Sep 23

Human Skull Found in Greece Challenges the Out of Africa Theory of Evolution

There are many discoveries that challenge the well-established scientific beliefs of evolution, but most of them are being denied or covered-up by the elites who have a certain interest in keeping history as it is. In 1959, a narrow cave was found in Northern Greece by a shepherd boy. When venturing inside with a couple of local villagers, …

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Sep 12

Possible Otherwordly Craft Seen Over Houston and Near the ISS

Two intriguing UFO sightings which occurred only one day from one another had the entire UFO community and media speculate on their origins. While one craft troubled the residents of Houston, Texas, the other one paid a swift visit to the International Space Station. While most of you may already know of the massive UFO …

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