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Feb 15

Sweden’s Baltic Sea Offers Up UFOs, Riches and Plenty of Mystery

Submarines, UFOs and Champagne: Top 5 Underwater Discoveries in the BalticSweden has reportedly been planning to salvage a legendary Halifax bomber from its territorial waters. In 1943, the Canadian Halifax HR871 crashed off the coast of Falsterbo in southern Sweden during a Nazi raid. To commemorate the occasion, Sputnik decided to offer you a list …

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Feb 09

We Have The Technology To Hide Planet Earth From Extraterrestrials – Should We Do It?

Laser Cloaking Device Could Hide Us From Aliens Maybe you’re thought process is in line with Stephen Hawking, that aliens have not visited planet earth and we should do everything possible to prevent such an occurrence. Shining a laser beam toward a planet whose inhabitants might see the Earth pass in front of the sun …

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Feb 07

The Great UFO Heist in Roswell

In a caper that could only happen in Roswell, police say a flying saucer has been stolen from a UFO museum. The flying saucer on the side of the UFO Museum in Roswell, shown in a photograph from 2000, was recently stolen. The UFO was blown down during a storm this past winter and was …

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Feb 04

(No title)

A Look at the Official Soviet X-Files Investigation Evgeny Tonkonogy It was 4:05 a.m. on Sept. 20, 1977. Something serious was happening over the skies of Petrozavodsk in northwest Russia. A group of dockworkers on the early shift that morning say they saw a blinding light emerge from the direction of Lake Onega. As it approached Petrozavodsk, the light took on the appearance of a from Educating Humanity …

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Jan 30

Two Famous UFO And Alien Abduction Cases To Become Documentaries

THE HILL ABDUCTION & THE EXETER ENCOUNTER A documentary by Jeff & Jess Finn “Live Free or Die” is the official state motto of New Hampshire, but the phrase also could have served as the mantra for the 1960s, an era well-documented as one of monumental cultural shifts and indelible social change. Two less-celebrated events, …

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Jan 21

Atheist Has Amazing Near Death Experience

Atheist Under Communist Rule Has Near-Death Experience, Learns About Spirituality Jan Bostik It was 1988 and 17-year-old Jan Bostik had never heard about God or Buddha or anything spiritual in nature. He was living in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) under communist rule.  Atheism is embedded in communism and spirituality wasn’t discussed in his home …

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Jan 06

UFO Statistics For February 2016 by County and By State

MUFON UFO Statistics – Feb 2016 UFO STATISTICS REPORT Sightings by Country Country                                                   Number                                  …

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Dec 19

How Much Do You Know About the 10th Planet?

The 10 Planet The Solar System has been giving up its secrets to us little by little. From the earliest Stone Age astronomers to today’s Astrophysicists, we march forward in the quest for knowledge and our scientific endeavor has been richly rewarded. We have been treated to unprecedented views of our place in space and …

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Dec 09

Alien Cult Says That Man Was Created By ET In A Laboratory

A Putin-Loving Alien Cult Wants to Build Its ‘Extraterrestrial Embassy’ in Russia Claude Rael The name of the event — “Aliens Created Us In Laboratories” — sounded like a joke this week when it was posted on Facebook and spotted circulating around Moscow on fliers, but it came a day too late for April Fools. …

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Dec 09

What Is The Deal With Triangle UFOs? Military or Extraterrestrial?

Triangle UFOs: Are They Secret Military Aircraft?  Descriptions of UFOs vary greatly enough, in fact, that no single explanation has ever been offered that accounts for all of the kinds of aerial phenomena observed over the decades. However, within the broader range of UFO reports that have been collected over the last several decades, there …

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