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Apr 28

Anyone here know where I can find a specific UFO documentary?

Anyone here know where I can find a specific UFO documentary? This is about an American graphic artist who created photo realistic illustrations of aircraft and vehicles. He constructed an engineering drawing of a UFO based upon a sighting in a hangar on an air force base when someone accidentally saw a levitating craft. I …

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Apr 27

The strange new place we’re looking for ancient aliens

If it’s so likely that intelligent alien life is out there, why haven’t we found it yet? Perhaps we’re looking in the wrong spot … from Disclose.tv RSS Feed http://ift.tt/1W8p8SR

Mar 25

New Ancient Alien Painting found in Romania


There’s a new picture of a painting that just came out of a supposed UFO over a building from a church in Romania that dates back to the 16th century. While there are a lot of other paintings floating around the internet like this one; I’m curious of what you think about this one. If …

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