Preston Nichols – The Montauk Project PDF

The Montauk Project PDFDiscover the truth about time. The Montauk Project PDF chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. We all know something is out there, we’re just not sure exactly what. The Montauk Project PDF begins to provide some solid clues.

I’m totally fascinated by this subject which includes the Philadelphia Experiment which was then followed up by the Phoenix project. I guess the The Montauk Project PDF would be part of Phoenix. This is one of those mysteries similar to the Kennedy assassination which won’t go away because it’s obvious that something really happened.

I see no obvious contradictions in this The Montauk Project PDF. What the author doesn’t know he states. This makes sense because very few people if anyone would know everything about something like this. It’s like the Kennedy assassination where everyone was lying to everyone else.

It wouldn’t be that easy to create a story like this if it wasn’t true. However some readers will not be able to believe it because they can’t go back and read about it in a college physics book. Remember Einstein said that ‘imagination is more important than information’. With great minds such as Einstein, Van Neumann, and Tesla science begins to merge with philosophy and spirituality. That’s because this is a spiritual universe we live in and God is spirit. The believer will trust that God understands these things and many more which are far beyond human comprehension.

The people who ran these projects had little regard for human life. It sounds like they sent many a soul on a one way journey to who knows where and when.

Awhile ago there was a story on America’s Most Wanted about someone who had been in the rock band Iron Butterfly. He had been working with his father on some highly secret project that involved something about transmitting thoughts throughout the universe or something like that. They found him dead. These guys play for keeps and work outside the law and government.

One of the reasons the author wanted to write this book was to make it more difficult for those who ran these projects to kill him. If someone becomes a problem for people like this they’ll have an ‘accident’ or ‘commit suicide’. …

Anyhow here is the book provided just for you




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