Feb 10

Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave

Five lead tablets that cursed tavern keepers some 2,400 years ago have been discovered in a young woman’s grave in Athens, Greece …

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Feb 10

‘UFO’ Is Sighted Over Vladimir Putin’s Home Town

A strange, triangular craft has been spotted in the skies over Vladimir Putin’s home town, St Petersburg – leading UFO fans to conclude that the Russian leader may be in league with aliens …

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Feb 09

“I thought it was a pretty heroic tale, that these were really good men and women.” – Tom Delonge, Guitarist Turned UFO Insider via /r/UFOs

“I thought it was a pretty heroic tale, that these were really good men and women.” – Tom Delonge, Guitarist Turned UFO Insider

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Feb 09

The Alaskan UFO

On November 17th 1986, the crew of a Japanese 747 cargo aircraft encountered something very strange over Alaska on a flight from Paris to Tokyo. For me, it’s one of the best UFO sightings on record as we have multiple, credible witnesses and the sighting was also picked up on radar.

This was an experienced crew and the pilot, Captain Terauchi was an ex fighter pilot with over 10,000 hours of flight experience. I think it’s safe to assume he would know when something was unusual and could identify most aerial phenomena.

The encounter stated when they encountered two objects, that they initially believed were military aircraft, that appeared to match their course and speed. They then appeared very bright and according to the crew, they flew ‘as if there was no such thing as gravity’.

As they continued to observe these objects, a third one appeared that Captain Terauchi described as a gigantic spaceship that was “twice the size of an aircraft carrier”.

The crew were able to make detailed notes and give a very detailed account of what they had experienced. As far as I know, they have never received any financial awards for this and Captain Terauchi was actually grounded for talking to the media so it’s very hard to understand what would motivate them to make up a story like this.

The pilots accounts weren’t the only interesting thing about this encounter though, as it continued on the ground afterwards. Experienced investigators struggled to draw any reasonable conclusions, particularly given what they’d seen on radar, and were even pressured to drop the case.

The FAA Regional Chief, who according to reports initially believed it to be experimental aircraft sighting, has actually gone on record to state that he was ordered to conclude the incident never happened. He also claims that he was instructed to hand over information to a group of officials, that included the CIA.

I strongly suggest that anyone interested in UFO’s read up on this as it’s a very interesting case.

I think it’s all very significant, and it suggests that other pilots have been instructed to stay silent over the years. I don’t think it means there’s been a coverup or conspiracy though, it just seems to be the standard reaction when officials are faced with incredible events like this that appear to be out of their control.

There’s clearly no evidence that the technology was alien either, but this is compelling evidence that there are things in our skies we don’t understand.

I think it would be hard for anyone to comprehensively conclude that nothing happened but significantly, we don’t know what happened. It’s also worth considering that if there was a conspiracy, why would these people be allowed to talk about it?

Feb 09

We Have The Technology To Hide Planet Earth From Extraterrestrials – Should We Do It?

Laser Cloaking Device Could Hide Us From Aliens
Maybe you’re thought process is in line with Stephen Hawking, that aliens have not visited planet earth and we should do everything possible to prevent such an occurrence.

Shining a laser beam toward a planet whose inhabitants might see the Earth pass in front of the sun could replace the light the Earth blocks out.

NEW YORK:  Humans

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Feb 08

The Floppy Door – The Final Nail In NASA’s Coffin

The Floppy Door – The Final Nail In NASA’s Coffin

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Feb 08

NASA asked to explain ‘Millennium Falcon’ UFO that appeared in live feed via /r/aliens

NASA asked to explain ‘Millennium Falcon’ UFO that appeared in live feed

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Feb 08

Twin Comets Whizzed By Earth, Fulfilling The Last #Hopi #Prophecy Before The Arrival Of #Nibiru

It has been said that the Hopi Indians were the most spiritually enlightened culture to have lived…I encourage everyone to research the binary star/dwarf sun coming back through the solar system, the ancients all knew about the suns twin star that comes back around every 3600 years. Binary star systems are the rule, rather than…

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Feb 07

Hillary asked about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel via /r/UFOs

Hillary asked about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel

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Feb 07

The Great UFO Heist in Roswell

In a caper that could only happen in Roswell, police say a flying saucer has been stolen from a UFO museum.

The flying saucer on the side of the UFO Museum in Roswell, shown in a photograph from 2000, was recently stolen. The UFO was blown down during a storm this past winter and was repaired and being stored behind the building when it was taken.

“Be on the lookout: missing spaceship,

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