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Nov 25

What Is The Vril?

When the first experiments began with the flying saucers Nazi, found something strange by the Allies after the war. What they found is that the cockpit of the flying saucer was a place for the pilot and a lower run of which took one person even just the person did not exceed the 1.10 level …

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Jun 16

UFO Over Christchurch, June 2016

A brightly coloured sphere filmed in the night sky near Christchurch this week joins a tradition, of mysterious objects seen in Kiwi skies, stretching back at least a century. Oisin Lavelle reported seeing and filming one sphere on Monday night and seeing three on Tuesday night. He watched the Monday night sphere for two hours …

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May 27

Learning Ufology Can Be Addictive. Here’s How You Can Get Yourself Hooked.

Ufology (calc English ufology, word formed from the initials UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, in Spanish “UFO” ‘Unidentified Flying Object’), also known in Spanish as ufology, is the study of the UFO phenomenon from the analysis of material related to it: photographs, videos, testimonies alleged sightings, radar reports, etc., in order to propose hypotheses about its …

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May 26

The Twining Memo

(This is a transcription from the original memo.  As much as possible, the original format has been preserved.) SUBJECT: AMC Opinion Concerning “Flying Discs” TO: Commanding General This letter was sent out from Air Material Commands (AMC) in response to a request from Brig General Schulgen.  As a result of the opinions expressed by Twining, …

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May 16

The Stressful Life Of A Ufologist

With the pace of life at the speed of thought, it’s no secret that today’s civilizations face stress in their lives unknown in simpler times. And so it is with ufologists. One of them, John F. Schuessler, of Morrison, Colorado, has even written a paper on managing the unique stress that might plague a typical …

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May 15

“Future Shock” As A Factor In The Development Of Quasi-Religious UFO Cults

Rereading Future Shock, what struck me was, despite some of the naivetes of youth, how much of what was written here was still valid. Of course the names may mean little to the new reader, but you can get the grasp of the period. As some commentators have pointed out, the world has not seen …

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May 05

Extra-terrestrials? the Creators of Area 51 Aliens?

Many people think that seeing is believing, and find it hard to believe in something that they have never seen for themselves. Still, when trying to find a very plausible explanation to the origin of mankind, scientific creationism from extra-terrestrials with the help of DNA beats other theories, such as creation by a supernatural god, …

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May 05

Area 51 Aliens Ufo With Ancient Indian Origin

It is assumed flying saucers are of Area 51 Aliens or governmental military origin, but are they of another origin- The Ancient India? The Indian connection has recently emerged when Chinese discovered Sanskrit documents in Tibet and sent them for translation to the University of Chandrigarh. What came back was a shocking discovery of documents …

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Apr 28

Anyone here know where I can find a specific UFO documentary?

Anyone here know where I can find a specific UFO documentary? This is about an American graphic artist who created photo realistic illustrations of aircraft and vehicles. He constructed an engineering drawing of a UFO based upon a sighting in a hangar on an air force base when someone accidentally saw a levitating craft. I …

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Apr 26

Here’s Tom DeLonge’s 4-hour segment on Coast 2 Coast AM

So I listened to this last night. And I’d recommend listening to at least the 2nd and 3rd hours. The first hour didn’t really have anything substantial, but after that he gets into some of the conversations he’s had with military insiders. Favorite quote was from a general who he said told him that “toward the beginning …

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