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Lost Cosmonaut Theory

Lost Cosmonaut TheoryThe first lost cosmonaut scenario is the launch vehicle (part of the R-7 family) as well as the rocket on the Vostok spacecraft could never have achieved escape velocity which is the start of our Lost Cosmonaut Theory. The rocket on the instrument module, however, could increase speed and, with it, altitude. Increasing altitude is technically moving away. This would be dangerous, because if this indeed was the case, the cosmonaut would not have the fuel necessary to re-enter if the craft got too high and too fast.

An emergency beacon, like the S.O.S, would have a greater range than a voice transmission. Was the craft within range of sending an S.O.S. and out of range for a voice transmission from the closest known Soviet tracking station?

We need to look at the alleged calculations of the Judiea-Cordiglia brothers and see if the puzzle pieces fit. Until then, we can remain skeptical. What’s interesting about this scenario is that there was an accidental ascent once before. June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova supposedly becomes the first woman in space. All of the six male Mercury Astronauts flew a total of 36 orbits. Tereshkova flew 48 orbits alone. The Soviet Union used this as propaganda against the United States by demonstrating their sense of gender equality while the U.S. was a male dominated misogynist society.

There was, however, something kept secret about the mission. Vostok 6 accidentally ascended at one point. Fortunately for Tereshkova, the problem was rectified in time. Yet this detail remained classified and was not declassified until 2004. Until then, Tereshkova was not allowed to talk about it. Why was the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation so intent on keeping this a secret for so long? After all, the mission was a success. Were they afraid that someone might suspect this happened before, only fatally?

Second, the suffocating man. It’s not hard to imagine how a cosmonaut flying a Vostok spacecraft would be stuck in orbit, unable to get back and slowly die from diminishing life support. The instrument module of the Vostok spacecraft would simply have to jettison from the descent module by accident before retro fire. A simple and careless mistake, but also a fatal one. True, there was a failed Venus probe that failed to leave Earth orbit that same month, but the Soviets, at first, denied it was a probe, but rather a satellite. The Judiea-Cordiglia brothers did have the means to intercept telemetric data, as was the case with Laika on Sputnik 2.

Third, there is no way the Judiea-Cordigla brothers could have been able to hear Soviet ground control as their transmissions were beamed into space and not at the brother’s tracking station. Vostok transmissions, however, would have been beamed in all directions. According to the Judiea-Cordiglia brothers, they intercepted the launch signal on May 16, 1961. This alleged flight is believed to be a 17 orbit flight. This was the exact same flight profile of the second successful Vostok flight piloted by Gherman Titov on August 6 that same year. According to the Judiea-Cordiglia brothers, something went wrong and re-entry was postponed.

By May 23, there was no choice but to re-enter due to dwindling life support. Most of the Vostok flights had problems with re-entry due to various difficulties in jettisoning the instrument module. Was this one of them? Confused? Well it gets weirder. Three days later on May 26, the Soviet News Agency TASS announced the failed re-entry of a satellite the size of a bus that same day of the recording (May 23). The launch, like the Vostok flights, was not disclosed.

Satellites at the time did not include any form of re-entry as part of their missions. True, they would eventually re-enter, but not till after it’s mission was complete, the satellite shut down and merely re-entered due to the decay of it’s orbit. If the Soviet Union had just not said anything, they might have been able quickly dismiss this transmission as a hoax, yet instead they released the story about this supposed satellite re-entry.

Is the Lost Cosmonaut Theory a hoax?

I can not help but become skeptical about this. For those who say the Lost Cosmonaut Theory is a hoax, I’m not saying your wrong (I myself am open to both sides of the argument), but consider these. First, the recordings of the Judiea-Cordiglia brothers of Sputnik 1, Laika’s vital signs, Gagarin’s flight and John Glenn’s flight (despite the secret frequencies) have been confirmed as legitimate. Why not the alleged lost cosmonauts? Second, in regards to the known fatal Soviet spaceflights (Soyuz 1 and Soyuz 11), there was no way the Soviet Union could have kept them secret due to the fact that, unlike the Vostok flights, the two missions have been disclosed before launch.

Why? Soyuz 1 was intended to rendezvous and dock with Soyuz 2 (crewed by three cosmonauts) and the perform the first multi-manned E.V.A. and the first crew transfer during the celebration of Lenin’s birthday. In order for the nation to participate in the celebration, they had to be aware of the launch. That’s probably why Leonid Brezhnev and the Politburo refused to give the engineers more time to fix the 203 documented faults with Soyuz 1 as they probably felt that making the date was too important. As we know, Vladimir Komarov was the one who had to suffer the consequences. The crew of Soyuz 11 were the first to live in space on the first space station, Salyut 1. They became celebrities across Russia. The whole country tuned in to watch them on T.V. during their 24 day flight. So exactly how was the Soviet Union suppose to cover-up the depressurization disaster?

To be specific, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation has never formally acknowledged a death in orbit, it is true because the Soyuz 11 descent module began to depressurize twelve minutes after retro-fire, so the craft would have been descending and not orbiting. Maybe I’m just being picky. I can not prove that the Lost Cosmonaut Theory is true, but I can say that there might be more to it than most people think.

That is the goal of my post here. If someone were to present solid and conclusive evidence that there were no lost cosmonauts on Vostok flights, you might convince me. Yet considering the secrecy of the Soviet Space Program, I have to say that such evidence could be fabricated. The Judiea-Cordiglia brothers could also have fabricated their recordings, but what did they have to gain with it except to possibly become part of the K.G.B.’s kill list?

Fabricated False Evidence

It is more likely the Soviets would fabricate false evidence than two Italian brothers with absolutely no political power. I must also ask why the Russian Federation still keeps some knowledge associated with the space program classified? It is not so much as “what” they are hiding, but rather more like “why” are they hiding it. With that being said, we may never have an answer to this question except for confirmation that these were lost cosmonauts. Only then could the Lost Cosmonaut Theory be solved.

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