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Convo with alien abductee via /r/aliens

Convo with alien abductee

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Question to discuss: Send hate to 97taytay she's a emo cunt You: emo is hot Stranger: Deff sexy Stranger: 😂😂 You: also if ur gunna say that which way to contact? kick snapchat or what You: yea me is sexy as fuck You: ome lol You: emo You: do you believe in aliens? Stranger: Sometimes lol Stranger: Ithink it was her kik too btw You: what do you mean by sometimes? You: have you been abducted? Stranger: I thought i did once in a dream You: so did i You: what happened in ur dream? Stranger: When i woke up i fell on my bed You: oo thats a sign of abduction Stranger: Really?? You: yes I've done a lot of research about it You: how else would u be floating enough to fall on ur bed You: or floating at all You: do you live in a rural area? Stranger: No Stranger: In a city You: not a deal breaker You: how big of a city? Stranger: Big enough Stranger: But not the largest You: what happened in the dream? have you ever awoken with strange marks or bruises that you can't explain You: have you experienced missing time where u don't know what happened? Stranger: Hasnt everyone Stranger: Same answer to this question as well Stranger: &&this was awhile back You: the marks are localized to more so joints like wrists ankles neck things of the wort Stranger: Soo i cant say for sure what happened in my dream You: missing time as in u look at the clock and it say 1;30 and then u look back and it says many hours later but u don't remember doing anything You: hmm interesting You: have you had a dream like this multiple times or just once? Stranger: Just once You: do u ever have dreams where remember nothing of the people in the dreams except large black eyes? You: or animals with the same features devouring you You: ? Stranger: Actually yeah You: those are also abduction dreams You: so use had more than one dream of adbuction Stranger: But it the animals turned into machines You: ooo wow You: please tell me more You: thats also common the aliens hide there machines by convincing you they are animals to cause less mental distress Stranger: They ran me over &&destroyed the mall i was in You: doomsday is also part of the dreams of abductees Stranger: Wooah You: dude you may have been abducted more than you think Stranger: Shiiit Stranger: What do i do?? You: how often would u say you have dreams like this You: no nothing is wrong You: dont fret You: keep a dream jpurnal Stranger: I dont have these dreams often You: when u wake up write down your dream Stranger: Though You: though what? You: and u will become better able to remember the dreams and possibly interact or even commnuicate You: i am very interested in what you have to say Stranger: Ok but its not really often that this happens You: also not remembering dreams often can also be a sign as well as the aliens do not want you to know their intentions Stranger: Ohhhh You: yeah Stranger: Well ill try this You: when u wake up after sleep are you unable to move for a few minutes afterward? Stranger: Well thats just how i am You: do you wake up randomly at night some times and get the feeling you are being watched? Stranger: Yes yes always You: on thats a sign the aliens are still there and you awoke before they were finished Stranger: Woah You: have you ever had a feeling while dreaming or after you awaken that you had passed through something solid like a wall or window or something? Stranger: 👎 You: when u wake and you can't move if ur on ur back have u had the impression that there were shadows moving around your room You: that one is uncommon about the wall thing Stranger: No Stranger: But i have black out curtains thoo Stranger: So i cant see in here anyways You: ok that makes a big difference because then regardless you wouldn't be able to make them out until they were gone You: when you wake up randomly at night do you get out of bed? do you bolt upright? You: have you ever woken up at night and been crying for no apparent reason? Stranger: Only in that last dream You: you woke up crying? Stranger: Oh no Stranger: Bolred upright You: fascinating Stranger: Y You: have you ever awoken in a different place? upside down on your bed? or wearing different clothes or your clothes on backwards? You: i am absolutely fascinated by alien abductions You: the bolt upright generally indicates that you were to strong for the aliens to contain at the time Stranger: Yeah? You: the more you are abducted and the more contact you have the more "powerful" (I'm reluctant to use that phrase as its not what I'm trying to convey) Stranger: Mhmm You: which woken up in different clothes? or different positions or even different places in ur home? Stranger: All Stranger: @once You: WOAH You: holy shit! You: that is absolutely incredible Stranger: Whats that mean?? You: do you have a history of sleep walking? Stranger: Once when i was a kid Stranger: Mom said it was something i are2 Stranger: Ate* You: nothing just when you are taken onto the ship you are stripped and washed to remove bacteria harmful to the aline life forms and since they are learning about you they do not know your habbits You: so no history of sleep walking!?! Stranger: Not except that once You: fantastic Stranger: &&iSleep nude You: even better! Stranger: So the fact that i had clothes was weird You: what clothes did you awake in You: did the outfit make sense? Stranger: Kinda You: explain? Stranger: Socks and a tank You: hahah perfect! Stranger: What?? You: that is incredible Stranger: Why is that so good?? You: they don't know what you wear because when they come into contact with you you are naked so they are not sure how you dress and they try to fix it when putting you back You: ok have you even been in contact with or seen two people wearing all black but seem as though they are plastic? You: completely hairless? You: no eyebrows or anything? Stranger: Yeah You: have you ever discussed any of urdreams or experiences until now? You: OMFG are you serious about the men????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stranger: It took me a year to get it all back You: did the men talk t you? You: to get what back? You: memories? items? Stranger: Hair You: did the en talk to you? You: men? You: the hair is from the intense radiation experienced from the ship you were probably near the engine room You: di the men tell u not to talk about them or anything of the sort? Stranger: No Stranger: Yes Stranger: Idk man Stranger: They were speaking You: those men were the men in black the real men in balck Stranger: Nahhhhh You: what were they saying or was it unintelligible as if a foreign language? Stranger: Stop playing with me man You: im not I'm dead serious You: i swear to you look it up Stranger: They went through like every language You: were they interested in ur dreams? You: yes they're figuring outbwhat u spoke You: DUDE those were the men in black Stranger: Woahhhhhhhhh You: yes Stranger: 😳😳😳😳 You: omg thism is amazing! You: o no reason to be scarred Stranger: But i dont really remember what happened You: you are not supposed to You: did you ever see there lips move? Stranger: Thats creepy You: or did u just kinda get the idea of what they were saying? Stranger: Neither You: thats awesome! You: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stranger: Stop mann You: what? Stranger: 😢😢😢😢😢😢 You: whats the matter? Stranger: This is freaky Stranger: IDont wanna live now that ive been probed You: is the thought of aliens scare you or do pictures or likenesses of aliens frighten you for no apparent reason? You: no not robbed they don't do that You: probbed* You: this is awesome! Stranger: No You: oo have you ever had a hard object under your skin that you would touch and play with then was gone one day? Stranger: IglθΩ orhto°¬°μ You: ? You: whats tat what does that mean? You: why didutyope that? Stranger: YOU'RE NEXT Stranger has disconnected.

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Feb 15

Sweden’s Baltic Sea Offers Up UFOs, Riches and Plenty of Mystery

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Feb 14


(HEADLINE UPDATED FOR ACCURACY) Sub for more: http://nnn …

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Feb 14

Ghost City appears over Dalian, China on 18th March 2016

New amazing video footage of a Ghost City recorded when appears over Dalian, China on 18th March 2016. Poster said: A stunning mirage depicting a group of buildings was seen above the sea along the port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Friday. Seen from the land, it appeared as though the buildings were […]

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Feb 13

Why Don’t Amish Children Get Autism?

Scientists claim that autism has been around for over 1,000 years and has remained consistently as prevalent as it is in today’s work — with 1 in every 166 in the U.S. being born with autism.

However, within the Amish community autism does not exist. Why is this? It looks like the answer to this question leads to a much bigger revelation about the cause of autism itself.

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Dr. Joseph Mercola

Since they have been cut off for hundreds of years from American culture and scientific progress, the Amish may have had less exposure to some new factor triggering autism in the rest of population. The likely culprit: vaccines.

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Feb 13

Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?

Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?   Politicians are all pretty much the same type of creature: cunning, manipulative and always try to say the right thing.  But could it … Read More

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Feb 12

Russia Plans to Reach Mars in 45 Days Using Spaceships Powered by Nukes

Space exploration may hit a new milestone in the near future as Russian scientists intend to develop a power-rocket using nuclear reaction. Among other benefits, this would seemingly solve the problem of a one-way-trip to the Red Planet, as fuel will be enough for a returning voyage.

The currently existing plans of NASA sending people to Mars by 2030 do not include the fuel resources needed for a returning voyage, meaning that first human settlers will be obliged to live there for an undetermined period of time until technology will eventually allow them to return home.

The idea for a nuclear-powered spaceship belongs to Rosatom, the regulatory body of the Russian nuclear complex. However, this is not a novel idea since the United States and Russia are trying to develop this concept since the 1960s, although their ideas at that time were concentrated on lightweight orbital satellites rather than transiting crafts between the Earth and Mars.

It seems that with our current technological means and understanding, a project such as this would be really achievable, with the cost of the final product being the ultimate obstacle:

A nuclear contraption should not be too far off, not too complicated,” Nikolai Sokov, senior fellow at the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies in California, told Wired. “The really expensive thing will be designing a ship around these things.”

We can only guess the technology involved in this daring project, since Russian representatives haven’t presented any details about how such a nuclear-powered system would work, but the general guess is that they’ll be using some variation of thermal fission, where the heat provided by the splitting atoms will burn hydrogen or another chemical, providing power into the propulsion system of the spaceship. The technological concept is similar to chemical propulsion, where one chemical burns another and offers power to a vehicle.

So why isn’t chemical propulsion as effective then? Well, this system uses more and more fuel to maintain the combustion/heat, which in terms will make the vehicle heavier and heavier, an issue the thermal fission would resolve. If the Russian team of scientists involved with this project is successful, the research would furtherly be implemented to orbiting satellites and will also contribute to the creation of a huge ‘spatial garbage disposal’ collector on the edges of Earth’s atmosphere.

A vehicle equipped with a nuclear engine is expected to have 30 times the power reserve of conventional spaceships,” indicates Rosatom. “The designs we are developing will enable mankind to build spaceships that can address all the space challenges of the 21st century, such as cargo transport, removal of space debris, asteroids impact avoidance, etc.”

According to the company, a prototype will be available for testing as soon as 2018, but it remains to be seen if such a daring project will be successfully implemented since Rosatom has a flat budget of 15 billion rubles, equivalent of US $700 million. According to analysts, the sum is really narrow for a 15-year long space project. A comparison has been made between Rosatom’s project and NASA’s Space Launch System which will cost nearly $10 billion.

If the Russian scientists are paid less than the Americans, or if they receive additional funding through a secret or black budget program we can only speculate, but such daring plans wouldn’t be revealed unless there was a real chance for success. If everything turns out to be in order, the Russians could become the pioneers of planet Mars, while also contributing to the space technology here on Earth that would initiate a new trend of commercial spaceflights and who knows what else.


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Feb 12

Boom: another vaccine whistleblower steps out of the shadows

The new film Vaxxed (trailer) highlights one whistleblower, researcher William Thompson, who publicly admitted he and his CDC colleagues lied, cheated, and committed gross fraud in exonerating the MMR vaccine and pretending it had no connection to auti …

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Feb 11

Are we Aliens? Possibly.

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Feb 11

NASA hacker found evidence America has Deep Space Warships

According to a hacker who is facing a ten-year legal battle after breaking into NASA computers, the United States has a fully operational fleet of Space Warships …

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